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Brüel & Kjær Vibro has set new standards in vibration measurement and monitoring of rotating machinery. Our product lines comprise permanently installed online condition monitoring systems as well as portable off-line solutions.

  • Detect and fix faults faster
  • Make smart, data-driven decisions
  • Continuously improve your process

Key features of BKV Beyond®

Prevent faults, keep your machines running longer, and power up your process. BKV Beyond® delivers reliable benefits that give your machine performance the freedom to thrive.

Always Learning

BKV Beyond® doesn’t stop – our AI keeps adding to its understanding of how you work, helping to identify developing problems even faster, and identifying insights that will power up your processes.

Saving you time

You can’t afford to stop production for a false alarm. Our qualified engineers approve every BKV Beyond® notification, so your maintenance team acts only when needed, keeping your machines running for longer.

Reducing your costs

BKV Beyond® lets you push the limits of your process, preventing costly unplanned downtime and product defects. Data-driven insights will help extend the life of your equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

Reliable solutions
at all levels

Avoid downtime and plan your maintenance more efficiently

Monitor the health of your equipment and make repairs only when needed.

Easy-to-install solutions and expert support

You’re in the right hands with our experienced engineers and analysts.

Peace of mind with no nasty surprises

Spot developing problems early and take the right action at the right time.


Actionable insights that save you money

We turn raw data into smarter decisions, suggesting solutions before problems occur.

A complete service that delivers value

Get reliability and peace of mind with a solution that supports maximum uptime and empowers your maintenance team to prevent faults.

Get a fast return on your investment

Accelerate your digitization journey based on the proven business case of predictive maintenance.

A reliable and secure solution

BKV Beyond® supports maximum uptime, with no special IT requirements, while the data stays in your ownership.

Make continuous improvements

With our Condition Monitoring as a Service solution, new value comes to you without additional effort.

Machine diagnosis you can trust

With our “human-in-the-loop” approach, we ensure the quality of the actionable insights we provide to your teams.

Getting started with BKV Beyond®

It’s easy to get your BKV Beyond® solution up and running, with components that integrate seamlessly, and intelligent condition monitoring software tools to help you work smarter. Start with our free Value Vision consultation service, which helps you build a roadmap from stakeholder alignment to project governance, ensuring the best outcome and ROI.

Collect data

Monitor your machines with our advanced sensors, including the completely wireless BKV Collect® sensor, which fits directly to your machine for speedy installation.

Set-up support

Our software tools help you fit your sensors even faster. The BKV Deploy mobile app helps you to install your BKV Collect® sensors, while BKV Ignite lets you map your plant assets for monitoring.

Connect your system

BKV Connect® gateways bring together all your sensor data securely, and centralize your communications.

Correct faults

Artificial intelligence analyzes data from across your business. This is then verified by our experts, allowing you to work smarter with actionable insights.


VCM-3 Condition Monitoring Unit

Boost the productivity of your production processes with the VCM-3 – a flexible edge device that offers a revolutionary monitoring approach for highly dynamic assets. Designed to connect even complex machinery, the VCM-3 merges asset health and process-related signals to help you make informed decisions.

Frequently asked questions

Condition monitoring allows the prediction of equipment health and performance by recording and analysing sensor data for key measurement parameters. Condition Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) is, typically, a subscription-based offering that allows operators to benefit from predictive maintenance without the need to build in-house expertise for vibration analysis. It is based on specialized sensors, data analytics tools, and cloud-based platforms to monitor the health and performance of the equipment remotely. By adopting Condition Monitoring as a Service, organizations can benefit from improved asset reliability, reduced maintenance costs, increased equipment lifespan, and enhanced overall operational efficiency, enabled by expert advice and actionable insights provided by trusted partners.

Condition monitoring software plays a key role in helping businesses to maintain the health and reliability of their assets while optimizing maintenance practices and reducing operational costs. It enables the early prediction of equipment failures, helps prevent downtime, allows the optimization of maintenance schedules, and ultimately helps to improve operational efficiency. It also delivers peace of mind to machine operators, who can be confident that their monitored machines are not likely to break down unexpectedly, and allows for more data-driven decision-making when maintaining or improving assets.

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