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There’s no limit to what you can achieve with BKV Beyond®. With asset health management that extends from edge to enterprise, we’ll help keep your machines running longer and your team working smarter. Realize the full potential of your plant with AI insight and expert verification.

We’re a leader for quality condition monitoring


See the big picture and make the big calls with confidence

Combining advanced condition monitoring software with continually learning AI and regular platform upgrades that add new features and value, BKV Beyond® provides you with the machine performance visibility you need to act at the right time, maximizing equipment uptime and efficiency.


Stop faults and shutdowns before they ever happen

Transform raw data into intelligent insight that keeps your organization one step ahead. BKV Beyond®’s AI-driven analysis identifies potential faults and their developing causes, and predicts major problems long before they can affect machine performance. Keep your machines running longer, and schedule repairs when they suit you best.


Keep your team lean by focusing on critical assets

Unnecessary preventative maintenance means lost production time and inefficient use of your team. BKV Beyond® continually learns from your business and will improve to offer you new and ever-more-helpful advice on managing asset health, allowing you to act decisively at the right time to avoid machine problems.

Benefits of BKV Beyond®

Make machine condition monitoring easy with an advanced, all-in-one platform that delivers peace of mind and everything you need to succeed.

Eliminate unplanned downtime and outages

Increase machine availability and productivity

Quickly identify and correct potential faults and problems

Reduce the costs from unnecessary maintenance

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Frequently asked Questions

There are two primary approaches to detect change points in an asset. The classical approach is alarm level management, while the alternative approach is online evaluation wherein every new data point is evaluated in the context of the history of a particular asset. The latter approach is more scalable and adaptable. Compared to a classical system we were able to achieve 30%+ higher accuracy of detecting relevant changes in the signals while we reduced false alarms significantly. That is enabled by our unique combination of new technology and human expertise.

Customers are able to manage the configuration of their assets, therein setting up the components they wish to monitor. They are also able to change some user-related settings, such as limited functionality in localisation and some functionality regarding notifications and emails.

BKV Beyond® follows a similar approach to our existing solutions, such as VibroSuite. Some of the differences include the communication between our experts and the customer, where more is facilitated via the platform in contrast to emails. By establishing this single source of truth, the information is always up to date and accessible to everyone and everywhere. Furthermore, BKV Beyond actively informs the user in case of any updates or news, so it’s ensured that nothing is missed. We also offer options to integrate it with your own systems, so your people can access the information in their known tools.

BKV Beyond® facilitates the process of diagnosing issues, assessing them, and then communicating with the customer but it is also where customers can get an overview of the health of their assets.

BKV Ignite manages the general setup and configuration of a customer, such as their sites, assets, or components.

BKV Deploy is the application for Installation Engineers that supports them in the installation of sensors at customer sites, thereby creating a connection between our digital representation of a sensor with the physical version that actually produces the data.

While you can access the solution through your local browser, we operate it as a centralized solution. The advantage of this is that we can handle the software maintenance and upgrade process for you, so you can focus on your core value creation processes. Another advantage is that you will automatically have access to the latest improvements we have added to the solution.

Yes, in accordance with the actual system compatibility: as of today, BKV Connect® & Collect®, and VCM-3. If you have the need to get other systems connected, please reach out to our team.

No, all the data will be your property, at any time. We will solely use it for the purpose of providing the service to you and for improving the service further. However, we might utilize the data to enhance the capabilities of our platform and we will claim the full ownership for these developments.

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